Nightmare : uncovering the strange 56 personalities of Nancy Lynn Gooch

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Title: Nightmare : uncovering the strange 56 personalities of Nancy Lynn Gooch
Publisher: Richardson & Steirman & Blade
Publication Date: January 1998
  • 0931933544

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It is about a woman named Nancy Gooch who developed MPD because of severe abuse as a child. (She was being abused by her babysitter) GREAT book. The woman doesn’t have a large amount of personalities and it is very clear which one is talking! Check it out! It is excellent!

Review by Anonymous
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This book was a good read. The story is well written and it’s clear that the babysitter was really the grandmother. The book makes you question the mothers actions and if the abuse could have been prevented in some way.

Review by BethsHeart
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I was looking for this story in particaular. this was one of the first mpd books i read along with the flock, though this stroy is the one that i thinkabout ore often then all the others. truly and inspiration to being human, reaching out to find the you that is buried deep inside. The courage to look and keep looking, to trust and keep trusting. I would read this one again.

Review by D.S.
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This book was facinating. I wasn’t sure if multiple personalities were a real thing, until I read this book. The consistancy and depth of the personalities were like real people and the courage of the woman to survive a life like she lived was truly inspirational. I can’t get her out of my mind and heart.

Review by Kerry Wright
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