Magic castle, The : a mother’s harrowing true story of her adoptive son’s multiple personalities - and the triumph of healing

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Title: Magic castle, The : a mother’s harrowing true story of her adoptive son’s multiple personalities - and the triumph of healing
Publisher: St Martins Press
Publication Date: February 1998
  • 031217196X

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This book is a book that I couldn’t put down, I read it and I was left with thinking that how amazing the mother was to never giving up hope in her son which shows how much she cared for him. This book should be read by everyone.

Review by Anonymous
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I was very touched by this story. I choose this book to do a research paper and book report on. I was very disturbed by many of the things in this book, and it is very hard to imagine such horrible things. Alex is a very strong person to survive through his terrible ordeal. As a child of sexual abuse, I can relate to how it affects one’s everyday life. Alex suffered such trauma, and he is lucky to have such loving parents in his life to support him. There is light at the end of every tunnel, and Alex found it with the Smith family. Thank you for writing this inspirational story.

Review by Ashleigh
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This book bugged the HECK out of us!!!! Now, true, the information and depiction of the boy and his experiences was very telling and intriguing. But throughout the entire book, it was nothing but how the mother rescued this poor boy. It was like listening to my mother who always wanted others to see what a "great" mother she is and how she’s done everything right. To me, this book had page after page of "Oh, my poor baby," and it got old really fast.

Review by Deafmom
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I have to sat that any negative comments about this book is truley a disgrace to anyone who has any real concern and affection for those who really are there to understand and get through different forms of abuse. This book is so important to others I too have stayed up all night reading, for 3 nights, to finish this true account of things that really happen to people...particularly the boy in this book. This is part of American History.....It ment a lot to me because it helped me to know that my memories are not in fact fake. To Carol Smith......thank you....God is smiling on you... Thank you

Review by mishelle
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I just finished reading this book. Once I started reading it, I couldnt put it down. I had the distinct pleasure of having this boy staying at my home for a short while. When he came here, I did not know about his multiples. Soon after he came, I had many conversations with his mom, telling me about her son. I saw first hand, two of his multiples. He was always well behaved, even in his alters. Although I talked at lengths with his mom, I never knew half of what when on in his life, until I read the book. I have only one thing to say, to his mom. You are incredible. Your patience, guidance, love,and support for this child was commendable. You never gave up!!God Bless You..Everyone should read this book!

Review by Mrs. B
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