Stranger in the mirror, The : dissociation: the hidden epidemic

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Title: Stranger in the mirror, The : dissociation: the hidden epidemic
Publisher: Cliff Street Books
Publication Date: September 2000
  • 0060195649

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This is the only book on dissociation that I have read, and I was very lucky to find it.

It is intelligently and empathetically written, has a few checklists to help determine your possible level of dissociation, cases, insights, and she really clears up a lot of myth. Also, she points out how previously people diagnosed as bipolar, depressive, etc, were not seen by their doctors as having any sort of dissociative disorder. This book would be helpful to those who may not know they have dissociation.

Review by Anonymous
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This book is one of our all-time favorites! In-depth information on each dissociative disorder, along with a test to take to see if you may or may not have that condition. Easy to read, interesting and just plain good.

Review by Deafmom
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A must read! This is one book that my significant other can handle without being overwhelmed. Very factual and descriptive in a reader-friendly, clinical and/or intellectual way. Allows enough emotional distance for people who may struggle to read other books that are written from the perspective of a person with DID.

Review by NewEnglandDeb
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