Dissociative identity disorder : diagnosis, clinical features, and treatment of multiple personality

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Title: Dissociative identity disorder : diagnosis, clinical features, and treatment of multiple personality
Publisher: Wiley and Sons
Publication Date: October 1996
  • 0471132659

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I thank Colin Ross for his insight and concern for those of us who do have DID/MPD. He has been a huge help to me in my recovery, the one person who actually believes in the abuse. He does believe the abuse is real and that it has to be confronted, accepted and that we have to continue living our lives as a combined workable whole. His understanding of this disorder is overwhelmingly outstanding and his compassion to help a person is commendable. When I wrote him for some special help and needed questions answered about DID/MPD, he did not treat me like a nobody nor did he talk down to me. Instead, he thanked me for such bewildering questions that he, himself had pondered and would try to find out clear answers. Two weeks later, I received a package from him with materials answering my needs. This book has been a real lifesaver.

Review by MaryBeth
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Dr. Ross’ book was a great help to me when I was in recovery for five years. He is one of my heroes for helping people like me put ourselves back together.

I read and re-read every single chapter. It’s been eight years since I integrated all my little parts and fragments.

Thank you for your decision to publish in what is still a controversal subject.

Review by Sandra Jay
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We were actually highly annoyed when we read this book. The basic premise of his writing is one of information sharing & treatment processes -- (which while we did find him conceited) the information was written in a straight forward manner. What annoyed us the most was the impersonal way that he describes working with people -- its more like a process line than therapy. We actually work in the therapy industry & we would never talk to or about anyone like that.

Review by tonkadolls
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