Amongst ourselves : a self-help guide to living with dissociative identity disorder

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Title: Amongst ourselves : a self-help guide to living with dissociative identity disorder
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication Date: November 1998
  • 1572241225

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This book was extremely helpful for all of my alters as well as myself. It helped to set a tone for healing that I was unable to get from other books. I am a polyfragmented personality which means that I have many, many personalities....numbers unknown as of today and we have been working very hard for three years. My therapist and I went over this book together and it helped our relationship as well as my relationship with my alters. My husband also read this book and found it very helpful for understanding my situation and how he could help. A very positive book with a very positive and supportive, clear approach.

Review by Anonymous
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An excellent book. we found it really helpful.

Review by Chatzs et al
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This was the very first book I read when I was diagnosed with DID. Instead of going into detail about the facts of DID itself, this book focuses on living with it and accepting yourself or your significant other with DID. A wonderful book for a fresh and friendly look at dissociation, but not receommended if what you’re looking for is information (more than the basics, that is).

Review by Deafmom
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This is one of the first books we got in our search to understand ourselves. It is one we have gone back to many times to help us in understanding what is going on. We even got a copy for our Theripist. It helps to know that there is others and we are not alone.

Review by Mannaz
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This book has been an inspiration to me. Just discovering I’m DID it has let me know that I’m not alone.(no pun intended). Although it is written by a Psychologist and a LCSW. One of them have DID. As it says on the cover this book is a self help guide to living with DID.

Review by Mary
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This book is extremely helpful! I strongly recommend it for therapists and anyone who is going through this. It is a real comfort with those of us still in the denial stage to feel that it is OK to admit to yourself that this is what you used as a coping mechanism. The book makes you realize that a lot of people suffer from this. I still have trouble though with the people who want to tell their friends and family! That is the last thing I would want to do!

Review by Michelle
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This is a book about how to live with MPD / DID. This book helped us find different and better ways of living with ourselves. It has good information and some exercises to complete too.

Review by Sea of Shells
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I found this book extremely helpful. I have recently been diagnosed with DID/MPD and reading this book made my life make sense.

Review by Tori
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