Magic daughter, The : a memoir of living with multiple personality disorder

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Title: Magic daughter, The : a memoir of living with multiple personality disorder
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 1996
  • 0-14-024455-7

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I am in my 10th year of therapy for MPD and just in the last couple years acknowleged I had mpd. I have since read a lot of books my therapist has given me and this has been by far my LEAST favorite. I do not think this is a helpful book for anyone with MPD.

Review by Allie
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I am a psychotherapist with 30 years experience treating trauma and DID, am reading this book now. I think it is excellent and will recommend it to clients and family/friends of people with DID. I appreciate Ms. Phillips’ details about struggles with her identity and simple everyday functioning both before and after her diagnosis, her description of her own dawning awareness of mulitplicity--before her therapist diagnosed her (all too typical)--and how she learned to deal with physical/medical problems when she was so disconnected from her body due to a lifetime of dissociation.

Review by annaleah
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An excellent, non-sensationalist description of what the everyday life of a DID person is like. It all rang very true for me and other multiples.

Review by Anonymous
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I thought this was a terrific book. the main reason why is because Jane didn’t get into a lot of graphic descriptions, but instead focused on how to manage her day to day life. This was one of the best books on MPD that I’ve found.

Review by Anonymous
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Very honest autobiographical account. May help some readers understand that people with MPD/DID are living and working among us all.

Review by Caprice
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A fairly recent and excellently written account of life with multiple personality disorder.

Review by D.S.
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I did not like this book. The way Jane structured it did not help me understand in the slightest what it was like for her. I think more graphic details would have helped diliver a clearer view for me. Utter crap!

Review by Georgie
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This is a great book!! Had our SO read it and she now has a better idea what We are going through. She never knew how hard We work on staying somewhat in control and "Looking Normal".

Review by L2NRBC
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This is one of the best books on what it’s like to live life as a multiple. I was glad there were no graphic descriptions of what happened to her.

I recommended it to a friend of mine, a non-multiple, who wanted to learn more about MPD but didn’t want to read either graphic details or a clinical book. She loved the book, and said it helped her to understand better how I am.

On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 10.

Review by Labyrinth
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The book has a very normalising focus, and also follows the theme of a dual-diagnosis. It follows the author through a long period of her life, so that her growth and change lend a sense of victory to her story. Her bravery is not splashed onto the page, but resonates throughout.

Review by L.W.
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This book was important to me for two reasons: it describes the struggle to maintain a professional career while dealing with dissociation, and it shows how messed up our health care system is in the US. Phillips is so painfully isolated-- she does not dare reveal the hell she is going through to anyone at her job, and she has no friends or family to help her. Luckily, she finds a therapist who is willing to stick with her even after she maxes out her mental health benefits. How she and her therapist fight insurance companies and state bureaucrats to get Phillips the care she needs is a story in itself.

Review by terran
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