Silver boat

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Title: Silver boat
Publisher: Silver Boat Productions
Publication Date: May 2000
  • 0967849802

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This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, for my WHOLE system. Parts of all ages get something important and supportive. We identify with the premise of this story: life is a journey with lots of dangers along the way. If you can work together with your system, you will find that you are really only one person and can survive as that one person, strong and whole.

Review by Allie
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Being diagnosed with DID or MPD..this book was helpfull story that explains to us with this diagnosis how our coping stradegies were formed and how we can return to a normal brought tears to my eyes to know someone finally understood how I felt.

Review by Anonymous
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This is a very unique little book made very easy to read by all ages and understood on any level making it easier to understand no matter which one of us is listening or reading

Review by Anonymous
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This was one of the best books for my entire inner family. To drive home the point that making our own healing journey with the help promised helped us trust in our therapist time and time again. Thank you to its wonderful author.

Review by Scout
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