Obsidian mirror, The : an adult healing from incest

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Title: Obsidian mirror, The : an adult healing from incest
Publisher: Seal Press
Publication Date: October 1993
  • 1878067397

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Absolutely fabulous book. Extremely well-written. I have read it several times and each time get something new from it.

I also agree that from the start I wondered if Ms Wisechild is multiple. And it probably doesn’t matter if she is; the fact is that she’s written a provacative, stunning book and I commend her for it.

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altho the author doesn’t say she is MPD (and in fact may say she is NOT) her use of others inside (with names and everything) feels very dissociative to me. And somehow, her writing speaks to me in a way many of the other books don’t.

The Obsidian Mirror is about her coming to terms with the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of many men in her family.

The Mother I Carry is about her dealing with the abuse of a cold and neglectful, emotionally ally absent, cruel mother.

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