Trauma and survival (post-traumatic and dissociative disorders in women)

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Title: Trauma and survival (post-traumatic and dissociative disorders in women)
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co Inc
Publication Date: 1993
  • 0-393-70150-6

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In the review on the front jacket it says, "in this groundbreaking work, Elizabeth Waites proposes a new concept of female psychology and mental health that considers dissociation and post-traumatic syndromes as normal reactions to trauma and victimization, both within the family and in the wider cultural context. In the opening chapter she makes an explicit link between trauma and "female" disorders such as borderline personality disorder, dissociative disorders, multiple personality disorder, and depresssion.

She has chapters on the diagnosis and treatment of trauma-related disorders, revictimization, therapy with patients who self-injure, victims of tirualized abuse and enactment in the session.

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