Diagnosis and treatment of multiple personality disorder

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Title: Diagnosis and treatment of multiple personality disorder
Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc
Publication Date: 1989
  • 0-89862-177-1

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Frank Putnam’s work seems to be the place from which most writers have started their own works about understanding MPD and the dissociative process. I feel it is important to delineate that this work is done from a medical model and, as such, is limited by the assumptions that underlie that way of thinking about the dissociative processes. I also believe that, while the concepts derived from the medical model are important to the future understanding of dissociation, the major shortfall of this way of thinking is that it continues to blame the victims. By this I mean that people become labelled in ways that pathologize the individual-- MPD is seen as a very serious "sickness" in people from which they need to be healed. This way of conceptualizing the dissociative processes does nothing to address the the issues in society that perpetuate the victimization of women and children, and lead to their need to develop strategies, such as dossociation, for their psychic survival.

Review by 781003e@axe.acadiau.ca
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I think this book will be helpful to anyone who is newly diagnosed or who has a loved one who is newly diagnosed. Many people have reported that this is outdated. I believe that is largely based on the fact that the DSM-IV-R changed the name from Multiple Personality Disorder to Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s important to note, however, that the description of the disorder changed very little. Therefore, do believe this book will be helpful to any of the readers. The only thing I caution against is the fact that integration is looked upon as necessary and always the goal. Of course, not everyone benefits for complete integration and sometimes slight dissociation is OK. Great book.

Review by Deafmom
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Diagnosed with DID back in 1991 and now almost integrated - Putnam’s book was my "bible." Informative, supportive, not abrasive...I LOVED IT and even to this day refer to it; such as, I thought I was totally integrated and I had a "final fusion failure." It was encouraging to read Putnam’s word about how "normal" that is because there’s probably unresolved abreactive work.

Review by Kag
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I was diagnosed in 1992 as MPD, and this book was invaluable to me in my recovery. I highly recommend it to anyone needing information on the subject. I underwent 5 years of excellent treatment to recover from childhood rape, and the book was one of my references, a source of comfort and information.

Review by Sandra J. Peixw
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This is essentially the classic work on multiple personality [syndrome]. Frank Putnam is one of the pioneering researchers and premier experts on multiplicity. I would recommend it strongly; it is the most scientifically and psychiatrically reliable work I’ve encountered.

Review by The Garden People
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I think it important to mention that this book was a ground breaking discovery for many people. Though the book was intended for professionals, people, who have what is known now as DID, actually can benefit from it the most. At least that was my experience back in 1989. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about their disorder should read this book. I have respect for Dr. Putman. He branched out into the DID field with many skeptics not believing it exists. I wish I knew of a chat group that I could join or others I could correspond with by e-mail. I have found that reading is important in gaining self knowledge, but talking and sharing with others who share this hell would indeed be helpful. At first when I read the book, I was in denial. Yet the book provided helpful information to myself and those inside that helped make our journey possible. I don’t know if what I have shared here is really relevant.

Review by Vikki and associates
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