I’m Eve

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Title: I’m Eve
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Publication Date: 1978
  • 0515075140

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i haven’t read the book yet, nor watched the the film.(it’s kinda old, you know, i’m just 17!) but i’m really interested to read it. all the while, i’m a fan of reading psychology books, especially about topics like schizophrenia and multiple personalities. i really wonder how does it feel to have multiple personalities? i think it’s tough,but i was really amazed by the past reviews and it seems like that they like the book so much, which makes me more interested in reading it. it also gave me an inspiration and a great deal of lesson about life, and myself as a person also. hope many other people read this too. =)

Review by aileen
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it was very intellectually stimulating

Review by Anonymous
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Seen the movie many times Three Faces of Eve, the one made in 1957, saw it again the other night, of course if it starred Joanne Woodward it was sure to be a good bet.

But I never thought of looking it up before, the first time I found out the real book "I’m Eve", by the real Eve Chis Sizemore, never did read it it was published awhile ago 1978.

But my question is why are they calling schizophrenia and now they say it is not the same?

I thought that was what ‘schizophrenia’ meant, a ‘split personnality’ based on the dictionary definition comes from Greek, ‘skhizo’ to split, ‘phren’ mind.

Review by Anonymous
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I’m Eve by Christine Sizemore, who was the real Eve in The Three Faces of Eve. It is a fascinating look at this woman, as well as a pretty good eye opener on how far psychiatry has come in dealing with DID

Review by Anonymous
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The real Eve tells her own story of her experience as a DID patient.

Review by Bobbi Parish
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Personally i thought that this book was the biggest load of crap ever written.

Irt is really annoying me how people keep saying about schizzaprenea. The book is not about schizprennea (sorry about spellings by the way) it is about multipule personallty disorders. They are two totaly diffrent things.

First of all the women only told this story to make a load of cash. At first she said that it was truthen a few years later she admitted to the press herself that she had made it all to fool the pshychiatrists.

Fair enough the women dealt with a lot in her life. But i do not really believe that Chris was Eve. Everything that Chris has said she could make up and could easily find the rest of the information that she needed from the case study done by Thigpen and clarkey. A

Review by Joey
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Chris Sizemore’s personal account of her life as told in "I’m Eve" is more than just an attempt to tell a story of mental illness. It is her life as she wanted to describe it. After her initial treatment in the early 1950s she set out to do just that but she was overshadowed by her therapists’ monograph about the case which was finally published as "The Three Faces Of Eve" in connection with the award-winning movie (1957) of the same name.

Mrs. Sizemore did complete a personal memoire published in 1958 and called "The Final Face Of Eve" with co-writer James Poling. That first attempt to tell her personal story was strongly controled by Drs. Thigpen and Cleckley who had treated her and who wrote the original monograph. At the time they owned the rights to her story and believed they were the better judges of how the story should be told. Mrs. Sizemore wanted to tell her story from her point of view, including her continuing struggle with D.I.D but the doctors vetoed the idea as unwise. Dr Thigpen didn’t seem to believe that the disorder was still actually manifesting itself, only that it was a kind of post-treatment relapse that would work itself out. This episode is described in "I’m Eve."

"I’m Eve" is a compellingly open and honest life story of a woman who came from a close and loving family, and who was taught according to traditional rural values of the time, and yet suffered from a rare neurotic disorder. Her life growing up was good with the usual and no-so-usual bad times. All the events of her life, including the famous "The Three Faces Of Eve" part, are told, in my opinion, with stark frankness. "I’m Eve" is the story of Chistine Sizemore’s life as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother as opposed to being a mere retelling of her disorder and therapy. It is a true autobiography.

Mrs. Sizemore’s co-writer for this book was her double first-cousin and life-long friend, Ellen Sain Pitillo. That fact alone gives great weight to the heart and soul of this story that teaches the reader so much more than just the dynamics of D.I.D.

Review by John Martin
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I read "All about Eve," then quite some time later I read "I’m Eve." Dr. Thigpen’s book was written for money and fame, but I didn’t realize how atrocious was his book until I read Christine’s own book. I am a multiple, have been in counseling several years, and will be the rest of my life. After reading Christine’s book, I am convinced that she was sexually abused by her father and some, if not all, of her uncles. Her book tells her story much better than Dr. Thigpens’s ever could, especially when one understands about being a multiple, and when one is able to "read between the lines." I am very glad she wrote her own book. Kathleen

Review by Kathleen
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I read "I’m Eve" many years ago with a fascination borne of being a health-care professional. There is still differences in opinion about MPD being a recognized psychiatric disorder, or just an extension of a severe type of schizoid personality. Nevertheless, I feel that Chris and Ellen did an excellent job of describing what should have been at least partly missing from Chris’ memory. Mental trauma affects all individuals differently and, obviously, Chris’ coping mechanism was extreme. The medical and psychological care she received I did not feel was much out of line with that available at the time, and it did serve to save her from the effects of her more malevolent and violent, not to mention foolhardy personalities. I have been recommending this immensely readable book to patients of mine for many years as a primer on MPD. Patients with schizoid tendencies and other conditions they view as ‘multiple personalities’ which they have difficulty dealing with inevitably report back to me that the difficulties Chris encountered during her life make theirs seem trivial. They see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Chris and Ellen, for setting the literary world straight about your fascinating lives.

Review by Linda
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I had a problem with this book some years ago when just diagnosed with DID. It tells all about "Eve’s" sufferings and relationships with people, therapists, etc. but NOWHERE in all those pages did I find anything about how she learned to deal with her feelings and inner conflicts, and reconcile with her alters. No how-to information that could encourage someone like myself who was suicidal from despair of ever finding relief from my agony. I felt anguish upon reading it, I was so in need of finding a cure, not just a description of sufferings. I had extreme pain of anxiety from my alters, who hated and feared me and eachother. i nearly died from mine, and was in the hospital many times. I don’t mean to put down this book too hard. It is a good introduction to MPD for those who don’t have it and in the past when the public needed to be informed. I feel a lot for her pain and how she was misunderstood by others around her. Not a waste of time, by a long shot, but just not much help for those seeking answers and relief.

Review by Restin Wells
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i read this book in high school ( last year) after watching the faces of eve when i descoverd the true story i had to read it and loved it. i was kind of upset about how many things they changed and or lied about.

Review by Teresa
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