Dissociative disorders : a clinical review

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Title: Dissociative disorders : a clinical review
Publisher: The Sidran Press
Publication Date: 1993
  • 0-9629164-1-2

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Originally published in 1991 as part of the American Psychiatric Press’ annual Review of Psychiatry (Volume 10), this state-of-the-art review of the field of dissociative disorders is simultaneously basic and inclusive, encompassing: definitions of terms, epidemiology (studies of incidence and distribution), etiology (studies of cause), the courses of the disorders, and treatment approaches. This book reflects the growing body of clinical observation and research.

The contributors are stellar practitioners and researchers with extensive experience in the specialty of dissociation. Frank Putnam reviews the phenomenology of dissociation, emphasizing that dissociation is both a normal and a pathological experience. Richard Kluft focuses on MPD in his summary of treatment techniques to access and integrate dissociated mental states. Richard Loewenstein reviews the literature on psychogenic fugue and amnesia, examining the combination of apparent memory loss with evidence of availability of traumatic memories. Marlene Steinberg reviews depersonalization, a symptom in that co-occurs with a variety of other major psychiatric diagnoses. John Nemiah explains conversion symptoms --- the ability to change somatic process to reflect psychological state. Finally, David Spiegel writes about the relationship between dissociation and trauma. Each chapter is followed by an extensive list of references to the professional literature.

Dissociative Disorders is readable and accessible to the non-psychiatric professional, and to educated lay readers with more than a cursory understanding of the subject. It is an important contribution to the literature about dissociation, a field of study that while young, nevertheless is one of the most hopeful areas in psychotherapy.

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