People in pieces : multiple personality in milder forms and greater numbers

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Title: People in pieces : multiple personality in milder forms and greater numbers
Publisher: Rainbow Books
Publication Date: 1993
  • 093583494X

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This small, easily read book makes a case for "muliple personality in milder forms," for which the author coins the term "ego state disorder."

He says he’s found many in his therapy who reveal, particularly under hypnosis, having minds comprised of a number of parts, often in an "internal family" arrangement. This number is ordinarily fairly small in his model, such as 3-10. Problems the patient is having are often well-dealt with by dealing with these inner parts using family therapy methods to resolve conflicts.

These "ego states" differ from the alters of MPD in not being able to take full control and the nominal personality does not "shut down" or lose time. He does appear to portray them as having distinct consciousnesses running at the same time but distinctly from the nominal consciousness.

The book appears to apply only to those with dissociative problems developed in a natural manner from trauma of typical origins e.g. family sexual abuse done for its own reasons, but not dissociative problems resulting from trauma-based dissociative training or programming.

He provides an insightful questionnaire, by which a high score may reveal a high likelihood of having a condition similar to what he describes.

A good book to read for those who have dissociative problems but not "full blown MPD." Some may find themselves well described.

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