Many minds : information for people who have multiple personalities

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Title: Many minds : information for people who have multiple personalities
Publisher: The Sidran Press
Publication Date: 1993
  • 0-9637149-0-2

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This 34-page book is a thorough, intelligent, beginner’s overview of MPD. It covers virtually all the important basic information about MPD for people who have just been diagnosed, or for supportive others who are unfamiliar with dissociation, and want to learn more. Illustrated with line drawings, Many Minds is compassionate, straight-forward, and genuinely encouraging for those with MPD, even as it discusses some of the difficulties a survivor may encounter.

The authors explain what MPD is and how prevalent the disorder is believed to be; why MPD develops; what to do about alter personalities and why certain alters may, at times, take over; what grounding activities are useful; how to stay safe; who can help the survivor and how the survivor can help herself; what to tell others; and how long the recovery process may take.

This book is full of common sense advice and encouragement and will be enormously useful for those just embarking on the healing journey. It presents a refreshingly gentle approach to MPD.

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