Childhood antecedents : multiple personality

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Title: Childhood antecedents : multiple personality
Publisher: American Psychiatric Press Inc
Publication Date: 1985
  • 0-88048-082-3

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Richard Klufts’ book was an important part of my healing. I was in recovery for 5 years--after 5 years of useless therapists--and I read every book I could find on MPD. His was very discriptive.

By the way, I diagnosed myself, and three therapists dismissed my diagnosis. I had to find one who treated MPD.

It is now 8 years since I was fully integrated.

I think it was most comforting to know that a professional of Dr. Kluft’s stature believed in and worked to help heal MPD’s. I called my own therapist "The Believer of the Children."

God bless those who help people like us. I told my Dr. G. that there was no way to adequately describe what he did to help me put myself back together. After all, what word in the English language is the opposite of rape?

I am writing a book, Strawberry Man, about "my" experiences. It is not easy to write.

Review by Sandra Jay
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