Living with your selves : a survival manual for people with multiple personalities

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Title: Living with your selves : a survival manual for people with multiple personalities
Publisher: Launch Press
Publication Date: 1992
  • 1877872067

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simple, short, readable. nice that its written by an MPD. and it has a very complimentary foreword written by a professional(i don’t remember who). inexpensive paperback.

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Very simple, short, and easy to read. Great for newly diagnosed multiples, but anything beyond that....keep looking.

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Designed to help people live with their condition, Living with Your Selves was written "by a multiple, for other multiples." It is neither a clinical book, nor a workbook, although it contains elements of each. The author’s objective was to create a "how-to manual" for living, which would fill the gap between the clinical literature and survivors’ stories. It is a sensible and practical approach borne out of Hocking and Co.’s personal experiences, which are quite universal in application.

Particularly useful are chapters entitled "Choosing a Therapist," "Self-Healing and Therapy," and "Covering Up versus Coming Out." This last chapter deals with the risks and benefits of disclosure of multiplicity. It discusses who to tell, when to tell, how to tell, how much to tell, and perhaps most important, what motivates disclosure. Chapters on "Internal Organization" and "Contracting" are also very well done.

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