United we stand : a book for people with multiple personalities

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Title: United we stand : a book for people with multiple personalities
Publisher: Launch Press
Publication Date: 1990
  • 0-9613205-9-1

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This book has proven not only useful to me/us in helping me understand what I am and how all of The Others inside relate to me, but it explains in simple terms what MPD is, how it starts, and how to live with it. I have successfully used it to show "singles" what MPD is and how it works. It was my very first MPD book after I was diagnosed (finally!) as a Multiple, and although I have moved on to more advanced clinical works, still keep this book on my shelf. It is small, has a lot of neat pictures, and thus does not frighten people when you hand it to them to read. It is an excellent choice as a book to give a single if you want to explain your condition to them so that they understand it clearly (and it’s even cheap!).

Review by Edwin, one of The Others
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I agree with Katie’s comments. Its a good "first book" on dissociation. Simple, clear, non-threatening, yet still respectful.

Review by Ivy
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This friendly little book is an introduction to dissociation and multiplicity. It is written and illustrated much like a children’s picture book. It’s a good choice for people who need a brief, simple, non-scary explanation of what multiplicity is, such as child alters, multiples who have ju been diagnosed and are intimidated by it, or SO’s who know nothing about multiplicity. I often recommend this book to people who have very basic questions about multiplicity, such as "What is dissociation?" and "What are alters?"

Review by Katie
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