Uncovering the mystery of MPD : its shocking origins its surprising cure

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Title: Uncovering the mystery of MPD : its shocking origins its surprising cure
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication Date: 1991
  • 0-89840-322-7
  • 0840743858

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A dear friend and I had searched for years, mostly in the Christian arena, for answers to how to find healing for our inner agonies. We learned sptitual warfare and all the "correct" terminology and Christian hoops to jump through from well-meaning people. The pain continued. One day she handed me Dr. Friesen’s book and, long story short, God blessed both of us with the opportunity to be his clients. It was such a relief to finally find someone who understood what was going on inside of us and knew how to help.

We each have been traveling our own unique path of healing and maturation finding the hope, knowledge and understanding we had been starved for all these past years. God has truly blessed this humble and gentle man with such a passion for helping those in emotional pain.

If you are a friend or family member reading this review considering whether to accept this sometimes difficult to believe diagnosis of your loved one, please take the time to read this book. I pray with all diligence you will step out in faith, believe what is being taught, and make yourself available to them with much patience, love, compassion and unfaltering support. And please, help them find a Christian therapist who truly understands and accepts MPD or DID as a very real and painful emotional condition. For it is God who is the true healer. He just uses willing people such as Dr. Friesen to help the wounded of heart become the people He always intended them to be.

Review by Anonymous
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For years I knew something was wrong with me but couldn’t put my finger on it. Being a christian, you hear the term multiple personality and schizophrenia and immediately you say "they have a demon". It is so far from the truth! I am truely amazed how God has brought me to a place of healing and restoration over the last 5 years.

One of the tools He used was this book. It’s so unfortunate that there are so few books out there that deal with DID from a biblical perspective. It was so comforting to know that God didn’t see me as demon possessed. Was there anger towards Him for allowing the abuse that happened to take place? Absolutely. But God showed me how amazing He is in the way He created the human mind and how to deal with the horrific things that happen to us.

I wish there was an update to the book. As you can see, it was first published 16 years ago. I’d be curious to know if Dr. Friesen has made any other discoveries in his work with DID.

Review by Anonymous
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My sister sent me this book, because I have this disorder. I have spent most of my life in Charismatic churches and the only thing that anyone ever thought about me was that I was demon possessed. That is very far from the truth. Church goers tend to be afraid of anything that they cannot find in a Bible concordance. Dr. Friesen’s book really helped me in that it shed light on a very taboo subject and especially being written by a Christian doctor. It is extremely hard living with this problem, especially if one does not have the funds to get the much needed help, and may I add very expensive help. That is my case now. I am hoping to write a book one day primarily targeting the church world. I would like to let others know, who may be suffering under the same judgemental stares as I did, that the only thing possessing us is the fear of stepping fully into the light.

Review by Deborah Melvin
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This is the only book of its kind out there and that is what makes it so valuable. It outlines the valuable insights of psychiatry and psychology in the treatment of those with MPD/DID but goes further in that it addresses the spiritual aspects of MPD/DID as well. I once made the mistake of trying to deliver a friend with MPD/DID from demons. I didn’t understand that the voices she was hearing in her head were primarily from the parts of her that had been dissociated into alter personalities. Later, it was discovered that she was in fact afflicted with a number of demons (who masqueraded as additional alter personalities) and was successfully delivered from them. I suspect that the majority of the demonic presences were due to the SRA she suffered as a child. (Her parents were part of a bizzare cult and practiced different types of witchcraft.) Dr. Friesen’s book offers valuable insights into how to differentiate between an alter personality, an alter that mistakenly thinks it! is a demon, and a demon. This differentiation is vital in helping those with MPD/DID integrate their alter personalities and get rid of the harassing demonic presences that actively hinder the process of integration. This book is a must for those who want to effectively minister to those with MPD/DID.

Review by Frank
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I am reading the book, "Uncovering the Mystery of MPD and am finding it a very insightful book. I am glad that I first got to know an MPD person before reading the book because now so much of what Dr. Friesen writes about makes sense. There is so much to know and learn about MPD and I find I have to read pages over and over again to retain what is being written. In the end, I hope the information from this book will help me to be more understanding and compassionate towards those with MPD.

Review by George
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It is a well written book on MPD. It helped me understand how MPD works. I also loved the Christian aspect.

Review by Terri Cunningham
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