Fractured mirror, The : healing multiple personality disorder

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Title: Fractured mirror, The : healing multiple personality disorder
Publisher: Health Communications
Publication Date: 1993
  • 1-55874-275-1

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Terrifc book!

Review by Allie
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I found this book to be extremely helpful. It helped me to understand why I am experiencing so much emotional conflict. It explains the roles of alters and why they exist as well as why they react to various situations, including therapy, and reactions to unlocking the traumatic memories that caused the MPD.

I spoke tomy therapist and he said to keep reading it. He has his own copy and highly recommends it.

Anyone interested in learning all the facts about MPD should list this book as a definite educational and informational resource.

Review by Anonymous
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A concise, clear, and optimistic book about MPD for educated lay persons who have been diagnosed with the disorder or are just interested. Contains stories for Child alters.

Review by Anonymous
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I agree that this work is a good starting point for newcomers to the world of MPD. It is a very worthwhile offering to family members of those who suffer from MPD. Family members who "tough it out" with the Multiple need to know what’s going on at a base level. "The Fractured Mirror" offers that a basic explanation.

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A great book for beginners as far as learning to accept DID/MPD. A compassionate book telling you it’s okay, it’s a normal, functioning, intelligent way to survive abuse. Not everyone has this magnificant ability available in order to survive. "The Fractured Mirror" aspect is exactly the way we view ourselves. So many faces, so separate yet like a puzzle can be put together.

Review by MaryBeth
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In the end I guess I got some useful stuff from this book, but it had some features I really didn’t like. In particular, the chapter on therapy takes the approach that there is only one right way to do therapy with multiples. For example, he believes that hypnosis is essential, and he believes that memories should be recovered only in therapy (the client should learn to put off memories that come up at other times). That isn’t what works for me.

Review by Pam in South Carolina
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I worked with CW on this book. Not only was I a patient, but I also edited it for him. I had been to many therapists and had been hospitalized and misdiagnosed many times. After much struggle, I was able to admit that I was multiple. My mother and her grandmother were multiple also.

CW was the most understanding and patient therapist I ever had. It was only through hypnosis that I was able to get to the very deepest levels of my consciousnesses. He is an excellent hypnotherapist and understands how "altered" states of consciousness work because of his Native American sweat lodge ceremonies.

He saved my life and enabled me to fully integrate. I now lead a "normal" life as a single personality. In some ways, things are difficult for me because I don’t have alters to fall back on when things get tough. Sometimes I miss my other selves and their tremendous abilities to handle situations in which I find myself. On the other hand, I am now not afraid of finding myself in strange places with people who know me - and I don’t know them.

CW wrote this book to help laypeople and professionals understand the phenomenon more clearly. He worked with many multiples and sought their input on every part of the book. When I left therapy, the backlash against the existence of the disorder was getting underway and I was glad that this book was available to help therapists who might not know where to go to learn about a very real problem. It is also important that the multiple know that it is real and how to recognize it and get help. I can’t tell you how many therapists told me it was very rare.

I thank God CW recognized it in me and was able to work with me to help me gain a life I never would have known.

Review by Sharon Johnson
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The introduction to this very readable book indicates it is intended for four groups: people newly-diagnosed or in the early phases of MPD treatment; friends and family of MPD survivors; those who are in self-help groups, especially ACA, ACOA, SIA; and mental health professionals. Nevertheless, the text itself is directed specifically to people who have been diagnosed with dissociative disorders. The book summarizes the work of the strongest researchers and clinicians in the field, and mixes the information with Duncan’s own Cherokee heritage and reassuring therapeutic style.

The Fractured Mirror is a good starting point for people learning about MPD. It briefly discusses most of the major issues: symptoms that may indicate a dissociative disorder; the development of the internal personality system; memories; shame; the effect of multiplicity on a survivor’s family, friends, lovers, and careers; the neurochemistry of the brain; cult and ritual abuse; and therapeutic issues, such as self-harm, substance abuse, escape from responsibility, abreactions, and abuse situations. In addition, there are two rather long stories/poems, The Cherokee Legend of the Ektena and The Devil and Auntie, which the author recommends for child alters. The book concludes with a Resources and Bibliography section.

Review by The Sidran Foundation Bookshelf
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