Can I look now? Recovering from multiple personality disorder

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Title: Can I look now? Recovering from multiple personality disorder
Publication Date: 1992
  • 0-9633913-0-5

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This wonderful little book is unlike any other available on this subject. It is a very simple, direct, and extremely powerful look into the basic therapy process for treatment of MPD. The stick-figure drawings and economic text combine to provide very focused "food for thought," accessible to recovering individuals who may be easily distracted and to the youngest child alters.

The author/illustrator describes herself as an integrated recovering multiple, social worker, mother, sister, and friend. One of her purposes for this book is to provide hope that abuse, need not overpower the natural drive for healing and wholeness.

Themes include diagnosis, trust, respect for the mind, acceptance, pacing, fears, becoming whole, recovery, and more.

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