Multiple personality disorder from the inside out

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Title: Multiple personality disorder from the inside out
Publisher: The Sidran Press
Publication Date: 1991
  • 0-9629164-0-4

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This book was a valuable asset in my early recovery of dissociative identity disorder, then known as multiple personality disorder, because it really helped me to know that I was not crazy or alone. It was also helpful to the people who loved me to also know I wasn’t crazy and they were not alone in their feelings about me and my problems. On a very posstive note, I’d like to share that there is only myself and one very helpful personality who share this body/life and I fully understand that he is another part of myself. There once was more than 75 personalities who could and would take control at any given time. They were created to protect me and they will always be a part of me, but they are no longer separate. They are now integrated. Do not be afraid of integration, as it is a good and natural outcome of dealing with the issues that created this disorder in you. No part leaves, they just no longer need to be separate and as my parts gradually became integrated my ! life became easier and less confusing. There is no way I could have imagined then how my life would be now. I am now going to college and working in the psychology field. I do not share my diagnosis with my co-workers as it is still quite misunderstood. Do not allow yourself to be someone’s guinea pig. There are sources available to help you get proper treatment with experienced people. This book was also a valuable resource for that as well. I feel genuine empathy for all those diagnoised with DID/MPD, but know that, if you were strong enough to survive whatever created the disorder, then, even though I know you dought it and are afraid, you have the strength to face the past and become the whole beautiful person you were meant to become. Please don’t give up, as the world desparately needs more beautful people and the very best revenge is to live well.

Review by Abbey Chewning
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I personally think this is a wonderful book :) It’s a collection of writing from 146 multiples and some of their significant others; lots of prose, some poetry and a little art.

The writing was sent in as a response to a questionnaire distributed to readers of Many Voices and members of ISSMP&D (now ISSD). It contained three open questions for multiples, and one for SOs. The multiple were asked what they wish they had known when they were first diagnosed, and what the would like therapists and SOs to know about MPD. SOs were asked what they would like to share with other friends and SOs of multiples.

From these questions there is is a huge range of responses. From people talking about the terror, or relief of their diagnosis as MP, to guidelines to prevent abuse in therapy, and for health workers dealing with multiples in the emergency room. It is this breadth that makes the book so valuable to me, I can go to it just wanting companionship in my fears, or looking for inspiration, or to help me find a solution to a problem in our inside work.

The book is divided into nine chapters; the first seven deal with the course of therapy (Diagnosis, Pain, Skeptics, Therapy Successes, Therapy Disappointments, Hope, Unification). The last two are about relationships, one (Families and Friends) talking about what the multiple wants from their relationships, the other (Other’s Voices) a collection of writing by the SOs themselves, these are authored by many people, including a son, a daughter, a mother, spouses, partners and friends.

The main things I miss in it are writing by littles (I think there are 2 or 3 things, but I’d like to see more), writing by non-"host" alters in general (again there was a little, but not as much as I’d have liked) and writing by therapists.

All I can say in recommendation is that I’ve read it, I’ve loaned it to my SO to read, and my counselor read it cover to cover. I think it gave us all a little more hope, and understanding, something that we all so desperately need.

Review by Anita and Nita
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I read this book several years ago, less than a year after I was diagnosed. It’s one of the best I read, and I highly reccomend it. It helps to see the words of others reflecting back the things you feel yourself, and to see that you are not the only one. It’s also easier reading than a clinical dissertation about the technical workings of MPD... it’s nice to just read what someone without a degree has to say about life on the inside of dissociation.

Review by Anna
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It was my first exposure to MPD. I hadn’t been diagnosed yet, but I read and read the different pieces and somehow from within, I felt like I understood exactly what they were saying. A year later, I was diagnosed with DID and my life took a turn for the worse. Now I understand fully all the meanings in the book and why I was the way I was when I was first diagnosed. I can say that the road ahead is tumultuous, but by holding the hand of my therapist and attending on-line forums, I have grown immensely to create a more cooperative and closer knit team inside. That is not to say that there are not self destructive parts that elope from the alignment of cooperation, but we deal with these parts as people who suffer too and have a need to do these things to us - they still feel like it is necessary. I love this book like the bible. More should be published,

Review by Anonymous
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Reading this book convinced me that I am not crazy but that I have chosen a wonderfully creative way to survive until I feel safe enough to process the memories held by my insiders who were too young and too scared to understand what was happening to them. I learned that I was not alone and that there was hope for healing with gentleness, hard work and loving support. I have read and re-read this book along my journey toward healing and have found wisdom for every step along the way.

Review by Anonymous
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A wonderful book to curl up with your stuffed animal, pillow and blanket and read. I felt a sort of satisfaction knowing that many of my "hidden" feelings aren’t so unusual.

Review by Deafmom
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Not too long ago, I was diagnosed with MPD. I feel broken, scared, and I thought alone... perhaps learning about MPD will help me climb from the darkness that shrouds me...

Review by Fiona
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The words in this book helped Us tremendously. We learned We are not alone in being many of one. There are many like Us of me. The many feelings and difficulties We share within ere validated by what We read in this book. Because We misplace things, We have 2 of this book, so that one is always around when one or more of Us need the comfort of the words in this book. We have most of both copies of this book highlighted.

Review by Loonee O’MalleeSelfs
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This book is poinant,painful, and informative. I identified with many of the authors during my recovery. I marked places to re-read. Thanks to the editors with foresight and determination to put these very personal stories together.

Review by Sara
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I’ve been searching for something that would help me feel less alone as I struggle with MPD, and this book was the answer. Since my very recent diagnosis, I have felt like a freak, it is really nice to here how other people have coped.

I would recommend the book to anyone touched by MPD, the survivors, the partners, the friends, and the therapists.

Of course, "Little Susie" would have liked to meet other small ones... but anyway....

Review by Susie
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