Broken child

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Title: Broken child
Publisher: Zebra Books
Publication Date: 1995
  • 0821748262

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I thought this was an incredible book. I never really knew much about the topic before reading this book, but now that I’ve read it I think it’s really interesting. Marcia is really brave to be able to write about her traumatic childhood, and I believe even though the story can be very depressing it gives a very good message that you should never give up hope.

Review by Andrea
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I liked the Broken Child much better than When Rabbit Howls. I could relate and follow the characters, their positions and alters all seemed familiar to me. Although I am sometimes triggered by books Broken Child didn’t affect me that much.

Review by Anne
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when i read this book, i was exposed to the actual truth of abuse. this book is a very strong book that can never be forgotten. i do recomend this book to those people who are strong and are willing to find out what type of abused that people are capable of doing. it also helps us know that there is help, hope and a new beggining.

Review by Anonymous
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I found this to be the most disturbing thing I have ever read.I desperately wanted revenge on Marcia’s mother, I wanted her to suffer as much as she has caused her own child to suffer. If there is a hell, i am sure she is frying there now and forever. I was also disgusted with her adult family members, aunts, grandparents, her father.. for not intervening earlier. Just knowing that there are chilren right now suffering like this at the hands of those who are supposed to be their providers and safe place... I just don’t know what to do. I cry and pray for this poor, brave woman who has known only suffering and I wonder what kind of justice exists out there, if at all.I just want to be her parent and change things for her and tell her she is loved, as crazy at that sounds.

Review by Anonymous
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I have read numerous books written by or about individual DID’s but Cameron’s book by far out does any of the others. I highly recommend this book to fellow clinicians.

Review by Anonymous
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I would like to say that I love Broken Child I am still readding it. It touched me very deeply, in a way I know how she fills cause I was abused when I was 12 years old by soom one I looked up to as a father figure. He helped raise me so I thought that I could trust him. I guess you really don’t know people to well even if they are one of your faimly members, so I know what it is like to be abused.

Review by Anonymous
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As an integrated DID, this book was both a form of closure for me , yet brought back some painful memories that I thought were forgotten. Still, I think many people are unaware of this problem. I’m all for educating the public to help remove the stigma from any emotional illness. It takes a lot of hard work and oceans of tears to get well from this illness.

Someone who took this jouney and lived to tell it. I didn’t expect to live through it.

Review by Anonymous
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I truly loved this book and it really gave me a sense of what Marcia was feeling. I could not image how hard her life had to have been and she had so much courage to share it with the world. I thank her in writing this book and giving us an understanding of alternate personalities.

Review by Anonymous
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Autobiographical. One woman’s story of living with lost time, inability to remember her past. The pain of trying several therapists until she found a psychiatrist in San Francisco, who diagnosed her. He helped her to process the pain, (and to believe that it was true), develop the skills necessary to survie and begin the process of re-integration.

After years of therapy, she has become a functiong, wife, mother and adult in her community.

This book is only for those who are ready to process their own pain, develop and know their inner families and begin the re-integration process.

Review by Anonymous
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Marcia was courageous to share her personal experiences and her pain. If you read this book, prepare to dive into some of the darker waters of dissociative disorders; but light is found even there. Marcia’s survival is a testament to the help supplied by good therapists and by family, sometimes even when they do not know the full extent of the problems a person is experiencing.

This book is NOT for those who are easily triggered, for those young in their journey through dissociative identity disorders, or for those without support.

My objections to the book are two. First, it seems to me that Marcia’s writing was often dissociative in itself. Perhaps, editing and modification of the text has exaggerated this aspect of her story; but nevertheless, readers of this book should be aware that the process of healing is meant to integrate dissociative selves, not to cause further disruption in a person’s life.

My second objection operates more at an emotional level. The sense I took away from this book is that Marcia went through soul-searing, gut-wrenching experiences to reach her current state of healing. People with dissociative disorders need to keep in mind that therapy, as currently praticed in the mid-1990’s, emphasizes SAFETY and PROTECTION much more than the old models of analytic psychotherapy.

These older models are apparently ones that Marcia and her therapist used, and they may be helpful or even essential for some people. On the other hand, people with DID should not avoid therapy because of the fear that this book may invoke. Qualified therapists should emphasize healing, not pain, during the long treatment needed to heal DID.

To end on a positive note, Ms. Cameron displays with honesty and love that her healing was a laborious, prolonged process. She shows any of us with DID that healing can come when we persist in our journey.

"Behold, at the end of our journey, we emerged into the night and beheld the stars." Dante, from the end of The Inferno

Review by Eudora
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i really liked this book. it was a little disturbing but over all it was good.

Review by Freddi
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I just finished reading this book a few minutes ago,I am broken hearted for the small child who had to suffer at the hands of the one who gave her life.

I am new in my DX of Dissociation, and even though to the best of my knowledge, I didn’t go through what Marcia did,I felt everything she felt.

As much as I’m pleased that she finally was able to function in a more productive way, I am very discouraged by her first 2 Ts, and her veiws on MPD/DID.

I am feeling very confused at the DEATH of her alters,I am not sure why they would have died so early in her therepy, when they were created to protect and help her. They seemed to resurface a few times during the next years of her therepy, so in which they were never truly dead, and I’m not sure if total integration ever actually occured, rather that she was able to find different ways to cope with her abuse and healing. It seems to me she was more likely blocking them and not allowing the healing journey to be taken with them.. instead getting rid of them and trying to do it on her own, when really it wasn’t just her own, if you know what I mean.

thank you, a confused person :)

Review by Jessee
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I just finished reading this interesting and disturbing book, what and act of bravery it must have been for Mrs, Cameron to write. I hope that she will read this, for it is a measage to her, I admire you inner strength, for writing the book and more importantly for surviving the horrible childhood you had. Many would not have been able to do what you did, and I felt your overwhelming love for your children and your brothers...BRAVO!!!

Review by KARING1213@YAHOO.COM
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Broken Child by Marcia Cameron is a great book about her life as she was growing up. She shares with us her experiences of growing up with a racist mother. As a child Marcia was abused not only mentally but physically. If I were alive back then and witnessed this happen I would of put an end to Marcia’s pain. This book was so touching, the images were so vivid. I don’t know how a child could put up with this. No child should deserve the kind of treatment Marcia got from her mother.

Review by Karin Lopez (Evil K.)
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This book was hard to read. It caused alot of flashbacks for us and alot of problems. We had to put it down several times to be "ok" and get grounded. The abuse in this book is horrifying and if it caused this many problems with us, imagine what the author went through. I feel for her, but I am glad she survived. I would NOT recommed this book to a newly dx’d system.

Review by Manyprisms
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I read this book, looking and craving for someone to relate to. Unfortunately, I was unwittingly subjected to material far too powerful for me at that time. Still, in my newly found MPD/DD, I pushed on.

I would *NOT* recommend this book for those who are looking to connect with another soul who has some symblance of their problem. It could easily trigger emotions, causing pain rather than a sense of glimpsing into the life of a kindred spirit.

Be careful with this book. Not only does it give the impression that the reader, if an MPD/DD, is looked down upon, but the feeling that one is "crazy" for having such problems. However, "crazy" isn’t what people with this disease really are. Rather, they are simply much more complex within than those who are "normal" and live without the disease. Granted, this is my own opinion.

Once again, as a word of warning, do *NOT* read this book if you are new to your diagnoses. It could cause further disruption, so be careful.

Review by Nabi Buru
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Brocken Child was probably the most unforgetable Book on Multiple Personality + Child abuse i have ever read. As a Man with MPD Marsha;s Strength was an inspiration and comfort for me. The Abuse in the book was the worst i have ever heard. For People with MPD this book may be exceedingly triggering. It was triggering for me/US being the Abuser in the book was A Woman as was mine. read with caution....

Review by Nehimya
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When I read this book I was exposed to the reality of how children can be abused. It was wrong for Marcia’s realtives to not put a stop to the abuse she was subject to. Her mother was a lunatic. She should have been hospitalized or better yet, placed in a women’s prison. She expressed such hatred for Jews and I find it absurd that she didn’t know her husband was one until later on in their relationship. I don’t understand how someone can hate and torture their child that much and call themselves human. I believe her mother was posessed. Any person who claims they have an angel that they can see, yet at the same time can scare their children with lies about evil elves that live in a closet and will take them away if they are bad, has to be posessed or have some type of demonic spirit residing within themselves. I am glad that Marcia overcame her mother’s threats and the theraphy sessions. I hope that she is still living a normal life.

Review by Nicole
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I think you should mention that this book starts with very graphic descriptions of her own severe abuse, and only afterwards puts it in the context of her healing (I would have been able to deal with it better if the graphic stuff was in a framework of the healing story). People may also want to know that she and/or her therapist are hostile to the idea that multiples might choose not to fuse their personalities.

Review by Pam in South Carolina
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I think this was the best book I have ever read. I couldnt put it down, altough it is very sad. Yea, I cried a couple times. And I always thought my life was bad. So this book was very inspiring at the same time very sad

Review by Rhiannon
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I found this book disturbing and offensive. I respect her ability to confront and decision to recover from her horrifying experiences, but I couldn’t understand why she had to add to her suffering by feeling shame for dissociating. Her therapist seemed to encourage the belief that using her dissociative tendencies was "wrong". To me, this was retraumatizing. For this reason, I do *not* recommend this book.

Review by someonelse
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I really didn’t like this book. I resented Cameron’s assertions that she was "crazy" before integration and her contempt for other multiples.

That she was called hysterical and that her alters really did seem to physically die disturbed a bunch of us. I really believe that therapy for dissociative disorders has changed. I also believe Marcia Cameron is quite a brave woman. I just wish she and her therapist would not be so quick to command that we heal our selves in the same way she did.

The one thing I did appreciate was the fact that Cameron reminds us there is much more to healing than plowing up memories. It is hard hard work.

Review by The Skittles
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There arent words to describe how i feel about this book.Emotional is my first i cried so much for her ,during her times of torture and pain.All i wanted to do was be that mother for her and hug her to tell her everything was going to be ok .It was an extrodinary biography of a womans triumph over her own fears that become a reality .Many different personalities to cover the pain was in Marcias mind .This book was in my opinion the best thing i have ever read in my life wether it was horrifying just to know how she made it through her life raising her own children being a wife but last trying to be a sane person .I wish Marcia Cameron were still alive today because after reading this book i would love to sit down with her and let her know i care.Through the whole thing it was like living her life day after day until it was finished.Thank u for sharing ur story with us ,U are a wonderful peron.

Review by Trina
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I feel compelled to write about this book. I found so much of myself as I read through page after page of what can only be incredulous amazement that not only did Marcia Cameron survive and then go on to live a functioning life, but that myself and others with mpd/did are striving for the same results. I felt torn as I read the authors note. She goes on to describe herself as crazy for having ‘imagined’ that she had others within her. This is not where I see myself with mpd and I felt pain for her, as if she had dishonoured her truth somewhere along the line whilst aligning with her therapists truth /training. Reading the chapter written by her therapist disturbed me further, also because it is not the path that I see myself on nor others, and I would heed caution to those who read the book to accept that this is the way that Marica healed her life - there are many other ways just as effective to heal and to ultimately move on to the life of your dreams.

That said, I was real pleased that I got through those two disturbing chapters. Maricias story blew me away. I’ve been literally glued to the book since. It was, and has been an honour to read the chronicles of her life. I was saddened to hear that she has since died as I was hoping to find an email address for her somewhere along the line.

Reading Marcias story has put me in touch with what I suffered / endured in my own life. She has given me strength, hope and a new found sense of determination to continue the twisted paths that I / we walk most days of our lives. She has given me reason to keep going in therapy. She has given me reason to smile. She has given me a fresh sense of self. Not only did Marica "make it" to the other side, but she’s given a load of people the same feelings that they can succeed as well. I’m just sorry that I won’t be able to thank her personally.

Review by UsLot Inc
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