Multiplicity personality and dissociation : understanding incest, abuse and mpd

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Title: Multiplicity personality and dissociation : understanding incest, abuse and mpd
Publisher: The Sidran Press
Publication Date: 1993
  • 0-942421-51-5

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I read this book while I was coming to terms with my own diagnosis of MPD. For the first time, I didn’t feel like a freak, but rather, a person who had survived my childhood the best and only way that I was able. This is an excellent book to answer may questions that the patient wants to ask, but doesn’t know how to formulate. It is also a tremendous help for family members and others who wish to try to understand the diagnosis.

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In this book, originally a three-part interview in the newspaper Journey, David L. Calof answers a series of questions designed to provide information about abuse issues, multiple personality disorder, and dissociation.

When reading this intelligent book, one feels like a participant in the conversation with Calof, psychotherapist, clinical consultant, and editor of Treating Abuse Today. The interview covers subjects such as rage, containment, partners, families of origin, and the difficulty the psychotherapeutic profession has had accepting and understanding MPD. (Calof characterizes those who do not believe in MPD as individuals who have trouble comprehending the magnitude of violence toward children in our society.) He also speculates about multiples in prison and about what happens to multiples who do not receive proper treatment.

Other issues, which usually are not discussed in books about multiplicity, are considered here: how therapists respond to the horrific accounts they hear; how pessimistic Calof is about what is happening in our culture concerning child abuse, a topic he speaks passionately about; and how abundant is the denial of abuse.

Finally, Calof discusses techniques for containment of rage; how survivors can prepare for confronting the details of their abuse; and how people can develop and achieve healing.

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