Shattered people : journeys to joy

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Title: Shattered people : journeys to joy
Publisher: Shepherds Care Publishing
Publication Date: May 2003
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Shattered People, by Michael E. Chalberg, does a practical study for anyone wanting to understand the painful and disturbing reality of Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is also a love story written from experience in a way that clarifies, but does not oversimplify. Chalberg writes with respect, which is contagious. He offers wisdom and hope, which cuts through confusion and lights up the dark. For the Christian reader, old truth is stripped of cliché and has the import of new revelation. Reading Shattered People is like eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. One can virtually taste the evil, but also the power of love overcoming that evil. This is a book for the professions, for the compassionate friend and for the broken in need of God’s redeeming love.

Review by Dr. Joe
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Shattered People brings home the spiritual and relational devastation of lives torn by emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual abuse. It is a magnificent exposition of the spiritual dimensions of mental health… This is an amazing story of the healing power of Jesus Christ in mending the unmendable and using the brokenness of one willing servant to bring hope to a multitude. It speaks eloquently of the compassion that Jesus has for the wounded and His ability to bring wholeness, as He defines it, in the midst of tragedy and pain. It invites one on a roller coaster journey, from gut-wrenching horror to hilarious laughter, and is primarily a message of hope and encouragement to all who feel broken. The story is powerful and gripping, painful and delightful; and as a true story will challenge the reader to live up to all that it means to call oneself a Christian.

Review by Dr. Lindsay
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Chalberg, a pastor and cofounder of Shepherd’s Care Ministries, had a definite purpose in writing this book. He intends to suggest ways in which we can find the real God for ourselves by exposing the inadequate conceptions of God, which prevent us from seeing Him. He comprehensively accomplishes just that as he writes about a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder. He gives a complete history and profile of more than 66 personalities that make up the system of this individual, and he allows the personalities to tell their own stories, in their own words, as they come to know God through Jesus. Chalberg does not camouflage or water down the descriptions of evil encountered in these lives or in their responses to that evil.

This book will deepen your understanding of MPD, as well as the miracles sent by God to heal, renew and give everlasting love, as each part remembers and learns to deal with the truth of their abuse. Chalberg poses fascinating questions such as, “does each personality of a multiple have their own soul before God, or is integration of the personalities into one soul the only way they are acceptable to God?”

The book is remarkably well written, well organized, and shows a broad knowledge of the subject. However…Chalberg does not boast. He gives all honor and glory to Jesus. He causes the reader to question the potential of mankind to do good, yet affirms God’s power to cause good to come from the evil that we do to each other. One can’t help but appreciate and feel his love for Jesus, and his burning dedication to help shattered people, as it is so perfectly depicted in his words.

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