From ghetto to glory : a memoir

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Title: From ghetto to glory : a memoir
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Publication Date: October 2002
  • 1571743685

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This book is by far one of the best books on MPD that I’ve ever read. I love her writing style. I liked this book so much that I bought it, and have read it several times over.

What a triumph! Her book, her life... can’t recommend it highly enough.

Review by Labyrinth
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I read this book because it was one of very few written by a black woman. Douglass presents her story without using clinical jargon and labels. She describes her experience of sexual abuse and dissociation in terms that made sense to her, regardless of whether they fit "diagnostic criteria". In a style reminiscent of Alice Walker or Toni Morrison, she combines dream-like images of her past abuse with present-day reality. But the book is too short and sketchy for the complex stuff she is trying to describe. Unlike so many graphically detailed abuse accounts that tell, and tell, and tell, Douglass needed to tell more....

Review by terran
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