Out of darkness : exploring satanism and ritual abuse

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Title: Out of darkness : exploring satanism and ritual abuse
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication Date: April 1992

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This is a terrific book. It is the only balanced book on the subject and has a wealth of clinical information. The chapter on boundaries in psychotherapy is especially good for anyone working with trauma survivors. It is the only book with a range of views on the topic and gives the reader a chance to form his or her own opinions based on the differing arguements and data expressed. I would recommend it most highly.

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While some of this book was wordy and not too informative, there were many sections that I think would help SRA survivors. I am an SRA survivor and it was quite interesting to read of symptoms, etc., that I didn’t realize were common. Good book, but not easy to read.

Review by Deafmom
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