Our House

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Title: Our House
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
Publication Date: February 1998
  • 0810115123

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I discovered this book by accident when searching the local library for books about being multiple. I really liked it because not only is it one of the very few books I’ve ever seen that’s about what it’s like to be multiple without focusing on recovery from abuse, but it’s also one of the few books I’ve seen on this subject that really treats the people in this multiple system as people.

It’s basically a story about everyday life and the way that different people in the system deal with having relationships outside of the system, and how they deal with stepping on one another’s toes and struggling with having different priorities. Very simple, true stuff. I seem to remember that abuse is touched on briefly near the end, but it’s not like almost all of the other books out there that are like "if you’re dealing with being multiple it’s in the context of the crisis stage of dealing with abuse! omg abuse! aaaaa!" It’s about life long after that. Or, possibly, life long before recovery but after discovering the multiplicity.

I had some difficulty with it because it’s the exact kind of thing I always want to write, where the author doesn’t spell out what is happening inside the system versus what is happening outside. It was clear to me as a multiple, but I didn’t trust that clarity because I didn’t know if that author saw things the way I did! I should have just trusted my gut and my experience of what I was reading. I’d be curious to know how non-multiples felt about this book; there are a few scattered blurbs about it that take a very weird clinical "alters in a system/sides to a personality" view of it, and I think the book jacket on my copy even claimed that they integrate at the end, which is absolutely not what I saw!

Anyway, it’s an interesting read, and I really enjoyed getting to see normal everyday stuff just like what we deal with in here all the time. I think the author must be multiple to write about it so clearly and accurately! I wish there were more books like this; maybe I’ll write some.

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