Understanding dissociative disorders and addiction

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Title: Understanding dissociative disorders and addiction
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As Dr. A. Scott Winter writes in his introduction: "Many people bravely confront their addiction only to discover that sobriety isn't solving all their problems. That's because they suffer from a second condition that needs to be treated in a different way. If both illnesses aren't addressed, the risk of relapse remains high. This pamphlet and accompanying workbook (sold as a set) are written for people who are struggling with two serious illnesses: chemical dependency and the bewildering, often frightening, mental problem known as dissociation." These materials are part of the Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Series-a definitive resource on chemical addiction combined with psychiatric illnesses. It has been updated with new findings, redesigned for greater readability, and expanded with additional materials. They are designed to be used with a Twelve-Step program of recovery. The pamphlet is a useful tool for people in all stages of recovery. Descriptions, definitions, and personal stories will help you recognize co-occurring disorders and begin your recovery program. The accompanying workbook provides space to write down answers to specific questions.

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