Looking inside : life lessons from a multiple personality in pictures and words

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Title: Looking inside : life lessons from a multiple personality in pictures and words
Publisher: Universal Publishers
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  • 978-158112682

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his little book may be the best new package of hope and encouragement for people with DID available for survivors in many years. Author Judy Castelli is an accomplished artist and writer, as well as a trauma survivor and founder of www.multiple-personality.com. Her story of survival is a familiar one to many who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder as a result of severe childhood abuse. Castelli's resilience, spirit, talent, and tremendous passion for helping others have transformed her pain into inspiration for other dissociative survivors of abuse. Judy devotes her time to focusing on the recovery that is possible for those with DID. She is a wellspring of hope and is adamant about letting others know that they are not alone in their struggles. Her efforts to encourage other survivors are strongly mirrored through her artwork, articles, and in this newly published book. The entries in Looking Inside are ideal to use as individual meditations and personal inspiration, and would also lend themselves to use within the context of group work with DID survivors. This book contains very appealing line drawings and text that come directly from Judy's journal entries. Readers may recognize many of their own thoughts and emotions in this book and can use it as a basis for their own therapeutic journaling. Each entry and drawing offers the reader a wonderful opportunity to explore individually or with others the common challenges of coping with trauma as well as the joy found in healing from it. Looking Inside: Life Lessons from a Multiple Personality in Pictures and Words, beautifully exemplifies both Judy Castelli's gift for expression as well as the tremendous depths of struggle encountered on her personal journey of survival and healing. This book is a must-read for all survivors as well as their therapists. "I have looked long and hard for something to give my clients, my friends, and the people that I love, when they are feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, and here it is! It's such an incredible gift, the gift of hope and this book really captures it." -Dana Snyder, President, NYSSMP&D "This lovely book of poetic writing and art is an inspiration to people in recovery, and their caregivers." -Many Voices, October 2000 Issue

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