37 to one: living as an integrated multiple

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Title: 37 to one: living as an integrated multiple
Publisher: Safer Society Press
Publication Date: February 1996
  • 1884444229

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37 to one: living as an integrated multiple by Phoenix Hocking, is a bibliography about her journey to becoming whole. Like many multiples, Phoenix had been to four therapist before being diagnosed correctly with DID. Once she was correctly diagnosed she was not to keen on the idea of integration “the integration didn’t even hold until our next session.”? Her and her therapist never attempted integration again. Integration, for Phoenix was scary, she thought that living, as a singleton would be boring. She was worried that she would loose all of her talents. She did loose some and she lost some bad things too, in the end she felt that she kept all of the best of each personality and alter.

Final integration took place while she was attending massage school. All of the personalities and alters came together while she was getting a massage. Many abuse memories came up; she went through stages first remembering the abuse, then forgiving the abuser, and finally letting it go and becoming whole. I wonder how her therapist felt about her having the final integration at school and not holding for them. Phoenix believes it was able to happen not just because of going to massage school but also because she was in talk therapy where many memories came up that she was healing and dealing with. Which gives the therapy some credit, I just wonder if the therapist believed her when she first came in integrated. In addition to therapy she was in various support groups where she was able to discuss various daily issues or memories that came up with others who understood her, she attended a multiples group, a twelve-step anonymous incest survivors group, as well as other workshops for abused women.

Phoenix is very understanding and inspiring, she does not try to tell others that they have to do the same thing she did or even try, she just tells her story and constantly reminds people that this worked for her, not everyone. She is inspiring for probably many others and me, she had the courage to tell her story and then heal from the process and go on helping others. She has obviously done a lot of healing work.

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