Michelle remembers

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Title: Michelle remembers
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: March 1987
  • 0671694332

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The book is fictional and completely preposterous. Not only did my family personally know this woman growing up (They went to church with her, despite her claims in the book that she never went!) but her own family doctor and the entire town of Victoria (aside from Michelle, who was a notable attention seeker during her later years at highschool) notes that the stories highly fictitious. There was no carcrash at the time and place Michelle states, the graves at Ross Bay cemetery do not have ‘lids’ that could be lifted without a crane, and her two sisters and a myriad of neighbors (this was a small town, folks.. Controversy of any kind spreads like a salacious wildfire through the rumor mill even 50 years later) all claim that Michelle was totally full of it. The RCMP conducted a comprehensive investigation (as well as agents of the Vatican, no less!) and none of this could be proven in any way, shape or form.

Review by Anonymous
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It is true, things like that really happened...I was a child of simuliar horrific situations with my family, and you know what, everyone said I lied too. However I have not had hypnosis or any other mind altering therapy. And I do remember...very well, you would be surprised at how many ppl are actually involved, from police to politicians, social workers, doctors, judges, and many more... I moved from Vancouver BC because I was continuously in danger....

Ritual abuse and the story of Michelle really happens! It Happened to me...I am 40 now and lost the battle of justice 25 years ago...I told the authorities about the nature of Robert Pickton who was also a major cult member, he did not act alone in his acts of murder yet he took the fall... these things were told to the Authorities before 1983, and again in 1997, Before he was arrested, the pig farm wasn't the only property he owned.......he also owned another before the farm, that's where mine and my friend's experiences took place....My parents and 7 cops who lived on my street and a social worker were all involved...I can tell you many children suffered at the hands of ritual abuse....from 1975 - 1983 in British Columbia and I have been thoroughly assesed by professionals. I am mentally healthy and stable....and yet no-one believed me, or my children....that's why the ritual abuse still happens today..no-one could believe such horrible things to be true.....well they are....

Review by CJ
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As a child I remember seeing the book on the shelf of a book shelf. I was always asking about it..."What’s it about?, What happens?" but my questions were never fully answered. When I asked to read the book, the answer I got was always, "wait til you’re 16!". It turns out I was 18 when I started reading "Michelle Remembers". I’m glad I waited as long as I did. It distrubed me so much, I could only read a few pages at a time. I don’t really know whether or not to believe it as being non-fiction or fiction. If it is non-fiction, there are some extremely sick MoFos out there; to do those things to a child, and for a parent, or any family to let it happen. If it is fiction, Good Job! I finally found something to gross me out.

Review by Cordelia
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This is a very explicit and intimate portrayal of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). I think this book was open and easy to read. No getting lost in the language. However, I do think that, if you’ve already read other works about SRA experience (i.e., Suffer The Child), there is great similarities. Obviously that makes sense since the rituals are usually similar, but at times I felt this was a waste of time. Recommended to first (and second) time readers on the subject of SRA.

Review by Deafmom
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I have been looking forward for a long time to read this. Someone just gave it to me. For the most part it was what I was expecting. I dont think there was any way she could have gone through that without God, but that is exactly what happened. I was grateful to hear her story as it relates to so many others (even those I personally know). The book isnt for everyone. It was well said in the beginning page,"to all who have the heart to hear the cries of children and the courage to stand up for them". May this book go out to all who need to hear it.

Review by deb
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Im not a hundred percent sure on the truth of Michelle remembers as I have never read the book, but I do plan to this summer. My friends and I actually plan to visit the places mentioned and document it, but my reason for writing is this; my mom had baby sat the daughter I belive of Michelle, and my best friends Uncle was the neighbor of the house where Michelle grew up. From what I have heard, and seen of our area, it is in my opinion the Michelle Remebers is the truth.

Review by deb-ris
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I read this book when it originally came out & believed what happened immediately. I have re-read it over the years, but cannot bear to look at the cover art because when Michelle writes about the people with the "eyes popping out", it brings me back to something that happened in my life also. I am an "older" woman diagnosed with MP (DIDS) & have have been aware of these "blackouts" since I was at least 2 yrs. old. When I was 4 was when I had a babysitter who did this particular nasty looking thing that still scares me to this day. The paranormal and spiritual events that occurred are believable to me because I lived thru years of these experiences, but I could see that if one had not had these experiences where they mighy be skeptical. Skeptical or not, it was an excellen read & I definitely would recommend it.

Review by KidBlue
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I read this book and all it did was freak me out. I do not believe a word of it. It’s pure fiction and a joke. Just another horror book!

Review by Kimberly
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I read this book in the late 1980’s for the very first time. I was into the occult at that time. After reading it, I was convinced that what this child had to endure was real. I know from my own personal experiences that the things she speaks of are true and really happening. Soon after reading the book, I slowly disassociated myself with my darker desires. I knew where it would have lead. And since then, I have tried to right the wrongs that I find that are connected to the occult. I wonder if Michelle is still around, the next visit will be in 2004. I was just curious to know is she could be experiencing any rememberances now? (12-03) May God continue to Bless this woman and Keep her safe. And God Bless us all.

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