Getting through the day : strategies for adults hurt as children

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Title: Getting through the day : strategies for adults hurt as children
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co Inc
Publication Date: September 1994
  • 0393312429

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I very highly recommend this book for anyone who likes Jungian approaches. It is particularly good for people who aren’t sure whether they are multiple or not because it has suggestions for working with the cut off parts of the self phrased for people who don’t believe themselves to be multiple. I got a lot of good techniques to try, and a better understanding of the process I was getting into than my therapist (who is good and fairly expert) ever gave me.

Review by Anonymous
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I read this book many years ago, and it helped us alot. It gives wonderful suggestions and good advice. We all recommend it to all survivors.

Review by Manyprisms
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Recommended to me by my therapist. Lots of practical management suggestions to help you get through the day. Clear, reader-friendly presentation of material.

Review by NewEnglandDeb
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Eight years ago I found that this was the only book that helped me learn to manage my many selves. The book’s "use what you need approach" made it easier for different selves to access the different techniques and experiment to find what works for them.

I highly recommend this book for those who are newly discovering the presence of other parts of themselves. The exercises help with uncontrolled switching, flooding, crowding and hurting. Thoughtfully written to have the widest reach.

Review by Shadow Ink
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