Satanic ritual abuse ; a therapist’s handbook

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Title: Satanic ritual abuse ; a therapist’s handbook
Publisher: Blue Moon Press
Publication Date: December 1994
  • 0964220008

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The book has been very well received since it came out in 1994. It is a very practical book, intended to help a therapise, or client, in how to approach and establish a method of recovery from the effects of ritual abuse. It has practical ways to work with multiple personalities. I feel that many times the intention of the therapist is good, and they read every book on the subject that they can get their hands on...but the practical "hands on" information in missing in most of what has been written. My book has been described as being a parctical primer for those of us in the trenches. I would be glad to send you a copy. I am also looking for a distributor, or a book store, that would represent this book in Australia and the other Down Under countries. I would be glad to send you a copy for your perusal. I can be reached on the internet at I’m with the wonderful information on the internet on RA recovery. I would love to comnmunicate with others working in same area in other countries. I, by the way, am a therapist in private practice in Denver, Co. I have ten ritual abuse survivors in my case load at this time and stay pretty sane most of the time. None of my survivors have had to be hospitalized and all seem to be headed towards recovery. They are some of the most wonderful souls I have every known.

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