Safe passage to healing : a guide for survivors of ritual abuse

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Title: Safe passage to healing : a guide for survivors of ritual abuse
Publisher: HarperPerennial Library
Publication Date: 1994
  • 0-06-096996-2

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This book is an extremely comprehensive book about ritual abuse. It is written for use by the survivor,but is equally valuable as a guide for those who find themselves in the role of support person for a survivor, and even their therapist, if not totally familiar with the issues involved.

This material uses a secular approach to the subject. I am currently in a helping role and am using a Christian approach called Theophostic Prayer Ministry, and find that this material dovetails very nicely with and is complementary to it.

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Safe Passage to Healing was the first book on the subject I read during my first deprogramming session. At the time, I wasn’t even convinced I was really programmed and the book scenarios were far afield enough to not specifically match my own recalled experiences. That was ten years ago and alot of water has flowed under that bridge. Although details differed between the book and my life, themes and agendas were similar and keep repeating themselves with other sources about ritual abuse. The book was a way to keep the mind in a suspension of belief until there was enough scaffolding under it to support the unbearable weight of truth and realization. And that grasp happens in bits and pieces, like the fragments of consciousness left in chaos following the disaster. I am always grateful for any invitation to write about ritaul abuse in a friendly millieu. Thank you.

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I have been using this book in my healing process for a couple of years. My therapist bought it on Amazon I think. It is a second edition, so I think it is back in print.

The author is very good at encouraging the reader to establish a safety plan at the beginning of the book and has coloring "safe place" pages to work on before you begin reading. She also puts paragraphs in that ask you "How are you doing? Do you need to take a break?" Sometimes she suggests thinking of something happy, like a snow flake falling from the sky. She also warns about passages if they are especially triggering and says "You may want to skip this passage it deals with xxxxx"

I think this is one of the best books I have read on SRA. I found many similarities in my family, who were emotionally abusive, that were like rules given in an abusive group. I gained a lot of understanding about things I was unable to name from this book.

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I am a certified psychiatric nurse and have been in the field for eleven years. I have been Dx.with D.I.D. I have done an extensive search for infor- mation. The best book for survivorsis,"Safe Passage to Healing" by Chriystine Oksana. Unfortunately it is out of print, but I put a request out on the ISSD chat line for the book. I lucked out and a kind Psychologist sent me the book free of charge. If anyone is in need of a book a great book to help in recovery this is the book to look for. I highly recommend it. Yes, it’s hard to find, but not impossible. Check your out of print book stores. You will pay more, but it is worth every penny.

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