Family inside, The : working with the multiple

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Title: Family inside, The : working with the multiple
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co Inc
Publication Date: 1992
  • 0-393-70142-5

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Shallow, poorly-researched, and fraught with stereotypical comments about dissociatives that aren’t necessarily true or even typical of dissociatives (i.e., that multiples don’t have friends, or that they have trouble sustaining social relationships.) There are much better books on the market which describe therapeutic process for the complex dissociative disorders (Putnam, Ross). Steinberg’s recently published book "Handbook of clinical assessment of dissociative disorders" is *excellent* for someone with something of a theoretical background and particularly good in terms of the fact that it contains sections of transcripts from interviews with dissociatives.

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I read this book. My therpist gave it to me after 5years of therpy when I started asking about intergating. I think it was a very good book and gave me much insite.

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